Whether you’ve lived in Coppell for years or you are just now arriving, find out what the Nuber and Nuber Group can show you about the city of Coppell in our new Behind the Scenes blog series, featuring the wonderful cities that make up our beloved Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


Coppell boasts convenient access to major throughways to Dallas and Irving for easy commuting, shopping and the joys of entertainment of the city without living within the congestion of city traffic. For those who love to hang out lake-side, Coppell is a skip and a hop to Lake Grapevine (AKA it’s close) – great for fishing, boating and family recreation. Coppell encompasses 14.94 square miles located in the extreme northwest corner of Dallas County. It is bordered on the west by Grapevine, on the north by Lewisville, the east by Carrollton, and on the south by Irving and Dallas. It is northeast of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and a portion of the airport property is within the city limits. There are no major roadways that traverse Coppell, but I635, the121 Tollway, and I35E are on the perimeter of the city.

Real Estate:

Coppell homes for sale range in price from $60,000 to over $1.6 million and are available in preowned homes, townhomes, condos, and new construction. As of 2009, the median home values were $259,000. ​In 2017, the Median Home Value (Owner Occupied)​ sits at ​​$355,185 (Source: 2017 Adjusted Claritas with NCTCOG Pop Estimates)​, with most structures built after 2000 (Source: 2017 Adjusted Claritas).

The City:

The city of Coppell emergency services are provided by a fully staffed Firefighter/paramedic department. Coppell has its own fully staffed police department.

For 2 years running, Coppell has earned a top spot in the mid-sized city category for the ‘It’s Time Texas’ Community Challenge, a statewide competition that encourages Texas communities to compete in order to se​e which communities can demonstrate the greatest commitment to healthy living. They also offer a Farmer’s Market, complete with dedicated pavilion (Check it out HERE).

Source: Coppell Farmers Market (http://coppellfarmersmarket.org/about/)

Each year, for the past ten years, The Coppell Public Library has also been recognized for its achievements by the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association (TMLDA) with the Achievement of Library Excellence Award.​​​ The City is also pretty hip and “with it” having earned the W3 silver award for ​Coppelltx.gov and the Davey silver award for Best Government Website in 2015 (Source: City of Coppell – coppelltx.gov).

Source: Cozby Library and Community Commons Facebook Page


Coppell is located in the present-day Grapevine Springs Park, which was originally the vicinity of the farming community of Grapevine Springs in 1832. The area is reported to have been utilized as a campground by President Sam Houston and Republic of Texas troops in 1843. At that time he signed a treaty with local Native Americans to enlist their aid in defending Texas against Mexican troops.

Dallas County was established by 1846, and the city of Dallas was founded by 1856. The community, now known as Coppell, became known as Gibbs Station after former Texas Senator and Lieutenant Governor Barnett Gibbs, a large landowner in the area. A train depot was built in 1890 and, it is believed to be named after George Coppell, an investor. Eventually the community changed the post office name and the town name in 1892 to Coppell. The railroad provided transportation for the community’s farmers. By 1893 Coppell had four stores, a blacksmith shop, a lumberyard, cotton gin and a school.

In 1912 Carrollton built a concrete dam that stopped most of the flooding in the east part of Coppell.By 1930 Coppell had a population of a little over 400, almost entirely farmers and their families. Coppell remained a farming community during 1940. It grew steadily in the 1950’s and in 1956 formed a city government which established a city zoning plan. By 1960 Coppell’s population was over 600, and in 1962 was incorporated with 2 square miles of land.

The 1970’s brought expansion to the northern suburbs of Dallas, and Coppell expanded into southern Denton County. The 1970 population was 1728. General Telephone Company (GTE) built a large building in Coppell in 1972, and two years later the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (then Regional Airport) opened. Expansion continued in Coppell with businesses moving to the area, and residential building occurring transforming Coppell from a small farming community to a large upper-middle class suburban community in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The population was 16,881 in 1990, growing to 39,550 by 2009 (Source: http://www.ci.coppell.tx.us/).

The city continues to grow as the DFW Metroplex grows, and welcomes new residents to the community with this handy-dandy New Resident City Guide (HERE)!