Unsightly cords and wires from your mounted TV got you down? These ideas and handy tutorials will have you jumping for joy in no time! We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest and best methods to keep those ghastly wires out of sight and out of mind!

We’ve all been there – whether your own your home or currently rent, the struggle is real in terms of aesthetically managing your mounted TV’s wires and power cords. Mounting your TV on a wall is not only a decorative benefit, but also a safe kid-friendly option to avoid TV tipping accidents. While technology has made it easier to create a floating TV effect – walls, unfortunately, have not. Some walls are at best unaccommodating and others are seemingly outright incompatible with the concept.

Straight to the Point

The most straightforward method is to simply cut into your wall and run the wires through your wall, as illustrated below by In My Own Style. If you rent or are unable to cut into your walls, this option may not be for you.

Source: In My Own Style

For Your Creative Palette – The Pallet

You could literally cover them up – with free wood! You can follow the tutorial HERE. First step to undertaking this project: find pallets. Check with your local home improvements store (and be sure to clean them THOROUGHLY!).

Source: Shades of Blue Interiors

The Next One May Stick With You For a While

You might kick yourself for not thinking of this next one yourself. Literally, peel-and-stick RIGHT OVER THE CORDS! There are a few methods you can use here, depending on your preference and budget. The one featured below by Fast Code Design, is a peel-and-stick option called Stikwood. Made out of ultrathin wood planks, these DIY-er’s dream-come-true have adhesive backings that stick to just about any surface. As for price, this method probably beats the cost of materials AND time necessary for a wall remodel, especially if you don’t have the tools on-hand to cut and adhere wood to your wall, however they’re not the cheapest option, ranging in price from $200 to $500 for enough panels to cover 40 square feet of space.

Source: co.design

Hire a Temp

Another option that may appeal to those renting or not looking to drastically alter their wall is to dismiss the tangled mess with a tv cord cover kit. There are several options out there, one of which is featured HERE.

Source: Amazon

While you’re at it, cover up those audio and speaker cables too!

Source: Crutchfield Wiremold CornerMate Cord Organizer (CMK40)

How to Hide Your TV Cables the Hard Way – A very astutely titled blog piece by The Front Porch

Leah Poarch (and family) had some pretty good reasons as to why they should go through the extra effort in this how-to venture – and if you have your reasons, then you may want to opt for this method too!

Source: The Front Porch

I spy with my little eye…something CORDS

Can you spot them? I bet it took you a second, or maybe even a double take! If you have a solid aversion to power tools, this method is for the win!

Source: In My Own Style

The Work-Around-The-Fireplace-Maneuver

While we are at it, we’re offering up contingency plans for problems and scenarios! A pesky fireplace you say? No problem says I!

The Backstory: “Originally there was a mirror above the mantle. i have always wanted built-in’s on either side of the fireplace but could never figure out where to put the television. mounting it over the fireplace was out of the question because we didn’t want to have to drill through the wall and possibly mess with the chimney box behind the wall.” (Fully Story: HERE)

Source: Cameras and Chaos

It’s all in the Trimwork

They say necessity is the mother of invention right? Fear seems to be a pretty solid motivator as far as mounting a TV on the hot spot goes (Fireplace pun!).

SeriouslyAHomemaker.com came up with a similar solution to work around running wires through the wall, and also opted to wire above the surface. HERE is their fireplace and TV mounting adventure.

“For fear of drilling into the fireplace brick and mortar and/or the flue in order to thread the cords behind the wall, and with my anti-hire mentality, I came up with a super tricky and aesthetically awesome solution that I could do myself.” (Sawdustgirl.com)

Source: sawdustgirl.com

Well, there you have it – The Ultimate Guide to Hiding TV Mounting/Wires! If you plan to take on any of these hefty DIY projects, might we suggest this handy hide-away for your wifi router or cable box?

Source: explosion.com

Happy Decorating!